Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Road trip 走透透 1



今天,一月十一日,我们终于实行李这个愿望。连同诗巫的黄禄声、吴祖厚,我们四个人早上十一点半开始了这段行程 - 北上怡保、槟城,南下芙蓉及马六甲。




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Our old friend Anthony Wong of Brunei retired recently and moved back to Malaysia to be with his son Alan in Puchong, Selangor.

To celebrate his retirement and fulfilling our long held dream of traveling together, we are making a trip up North to Perak, Penang, and down south to Melaka and Seremban starting from today, Jan 11. together with 2 more friends from Sibu, Joseph and William.

First destination - Ipoh.

We arrived at Ipoh at about 2:00 pm and wasted no time to go for the most delicious roast pork at Kg Simee. Welcoming us was Peter Cho, also another long time friend.

At night, we attended a welcome gathering organized by members of the Legion of Mary, Ipoh.

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