Thursday, January 21, 2016

Road trip concluding 走透透完结

Our road trip brought us to Penang on 14/1/2015.

From Penang, we went down to Kuala Lumpur, then to Melaka. Our journey concluded on 18/1/2015 by visiting fellow legionaries in Seremban.

Joseph and William took an evening flight at 7:00 pm, bringing home a memorable 1500 km journey covered four states.

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1. 15/1/2015 Penang,KL 槟城,吉隆坡

2. 16/1/2015 In Petaling Jaya 八打灵

3. 17-18/1/2015 Melaka and Seremban 马六甲与芙蓉




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