Monday, February 1, 2016

The Mystery of Mercy 慈悲的奥秘


教宗方济格在去年的十二月八日推展了特殊慈悲禧年后, 本堂苏瑞安神父就邀请了甲柔教区郭渊龙执事,在上个周末到加影圣家堂为教友主持一项慈悲禧年讲习与反省周末,主题为“慈悲的奥秘”。








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My wife and I attended a weekend Formation & Recollection conducted by Rev. Deacon Sherman Kuek from Johor-Melaka Diocese.

It was held over the weekend from Jan 29 to 31st at the Wisdom Hall, Holy Family Church. About 60 parishioners attended this programme with the theme " The Mystery of Mercy".

Deacon Sherman (40) was a former Anglican Pastor. He converted to Catholicism about 8 years ago and later ordained a Deacon by Bishop Paul Tan of Johor-Melaka Diocese in 2010.

His easy-to-understand language, systematic way of bringing us walking through the Old and New Testament, allowing participants to see and feel the presence of God's Mercy in the lives of His people.

Not only have a better knowledge of the Bible, I also have a deeper understanding of the meaning of Justice, Mercy, Church and Sacraments.

It was a wonderful and merciful great weekend for us.

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