Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Efficient passport office 高效率的移民局

This morning at about 10:45 am, went to Kajang Immigration office to apply for a new passport. 

Being a senior citizen, I was given priority Q number. There were 2 applicants before me.

Waited for about 15 minutes, I was being called. The male officer was very jovial and attentive. He checked on my latest particulars, thumbprints, and took a picture of me (camera by the side of the counter).

It took about 5 minutes. I was told to wait for my Q number to be called again for payment.

10 minutes later, my number was called to pay the passport fee of RM 100. The cashier told me to wait for my number be called again to collect the passport.

In less than 10 minutes, I was called to collect my new passport at the collection counter.

Wow, unbelievable, I got my new passport in less than an hour.

Thanks to efficient passport office and its friendly and jovial officers!

今天早上大约 10:45,我到加影的移民局护照办事处申请一本新护照。








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