Sunday, April 10, 2016

Taiwan 2016 台灣 (1)

We have visited Taiwan probably more about 5 times but none of our children did.

They have heard so much of our sharing, Adeline and Jonathan decided to make a trip with us this year.

April 9, we arrived at Taipei at about 2:15 pm. The whether was about 26 degree, cloudy and hazy. It was an escape from 38 degree back home in Malaysia.

After checking in to our hotel, we wasted no time to visit a night market near Taiwan University.

Night market is part of Taiwanese culture, where people can buy clothing and enjoy varieties of street food. Queue is common found in some special food stalls.

One of the most famous and popular item is Stinking Toufu, a fermented toufu with a distinctive rotten smell.

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四月九日,星期六,我们在下午大约2:15 pm 抵达台北。当地的气温26度,多云及视线有点蒙蒙。





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