Friday, November 25, 2016

Anniversary 周年

我通常都不会庆祝生日或周年。 我曾经与太太及孩子们分享,可能是我在一个贫穷的环境中成长,每一天都是挣扎,但也是喜乐,所以没有任何的一天或一个日子,会比其他的日子更特出,包括生日及周年日。每一天,就如昨天般的度过。

今天是我们结婚四十周年(红宝石)。我就把一些旧照片上载分享,标记着我人生的又一天。谢谢太太四十年的伴随,这是天主的恩赐。期望着再有四十年 。。哈哈,应该是永永远远!


天天感恩,生日、周年及平日! 阿门。

I don't usually celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. I had shared with my wife and children, that may be it is my upbringing in a poor family, living each day is a struggle but also a joy, so no any particular day stands out needed to celebrate. I cherish everyday and live everyday just like yesterday.

Today is our 40th Ruby wedding anniversary. I put up some pictures to mark yet another day in my life. I thanked my wife for journeying with me for the past 40 years, and looking forward to the next 40 years ... haha, more appropriately, eternity ! Praise and Glory to God.

I also wanted to thank our children, for being mature and understanding, accepting the ageing me.

Give thanks and praises on birthdays, anniversaries and everyday. Amen.

No worry, it's only first half 不必担心,这只是上半场而已

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