Sunday, November 27, 2016

好康分享 Good things meant to be shared



现在,要与你分享的是Google 最新 👆👍Photoscan 手机照片扫描Apps,可以从 Google Play 或者Apple Store 下载。


PhotoScan in progress 扫描进行中
This in my wedding photograph taken 40 years ago. No negative to reproduce, so I can only use camera or hand phone to shoot, to be stored in computer and phone memory. 

However, using digital camera or phone camera to take would not produce such a good quality picture.

I would like to share an Apps with you that produces the above picture.

It is Google PhotoScan Apps, can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.

No need to remove frame, no worry of glass reflection, it is easy to use and produces digital quality product.

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