Monday, November 28, 2016

癌症斗士 Cancer fighter

Simon is happy and relieved without the tube. He is half his size before operation.

经过漫长的八个月,今天,我看到Simon 赖玉宏兄弟脸上露出可爱灿烂的笑容,与躺在医院的他,不只是有天渊之别,简直是不可思议!我跟他说,一定要拍张照片,让认识他的人能够分享这份喜悦,而他也很高兴的答应。









I met Simon Lai this morning. He was radiant, beaming with smile, far cry from the one 8 months ago I saw on the hospital bed.

After 8 months of torturing recovery, doctor removed a rubber tube (pic above) from his throat 3 days ago, allowing him to move freely and talk more easily.

About 9 months ago, he was diagnosed with having lower jaw Cancer. It is a rare disease and the treatment is painful.

Before commencement of treatment, all his teeth were removed. Later, he was admitted to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital for a 10+ hours operation that removed his lower jaw bone, and replaced it with a soft bone from one of his legs.

He was not able to talk, eat and drink for more than a month on hospital bed. The pain and agony were only known to himself. He was being fed with liquid through a tube in his nose. To help him breath, doctor inserted a tube through his throat. It was really really a torturing experience.

He complained not, and went through a period of half a year of recovery at home patiently. Three months ago, he underwent a 33 sessions of Radiotherapy on his lower jaw at the Cancer Institute in Putrajaya. His taste buds were destroyed.

His only wish right now is to have denture fixed as soon as possible to allow him eating and drinking more "tastefully", and pray that Cancer cells do not spread to other part of the body.

May we pray that he recovers completely from his illness as soon as possible, and lives a happy life therein after!

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