Friday, January 23, 2009

Charged 被控

On 9 November 2008, a group of people gathered peacefully at MBPJ field, doing nothing unlawful or violent but just holding candles to express their wishes to abolish the ISA ( the Draconian Internal Security Act). 23 were arrested by the aggresive and violent policemen. (see old post "Police violence")

Today, 21 of them which included one member of parliament, two state assemblypersons, a Selangor state executive councillor and a Catholic priest, were charged at the PJ Sessions Court with illegal assembly.

If the beastly policemen did not barge in and arrest the people on that night, the Government will save man power and resources to bring this group of peace-loving good people to court. These are the good people who serve the community and country.

It is a sign of an intolerant wounded Government, lacking confidence on a shaky mandate, using strong arm to suppress the wishes of its people.

(See also update on Brutality -death of Indian youth post)

Many priests, nuns, MPs came to lent support to Fr. Paulino (white cassock) & the group

在去年的十一月九日,一群人和平的集合在八打灵市议会草场,没有喧闹 、破坏,但只是手拿蜡烛,要求废弃可怕的内部安全法律。当晚23人被冲入的警察,以暴力镇压及逮捕。(看旧帖子“警察暴力”)



这是个迹象,显现了这是一个缺乏忍耐 、受伤的政府,没得人民的大力支持而缺乏信心,以重手来压制人民的意愿。



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