Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Remembering Fr. Leo 怀念张神父

Today is the mensiversary (one month) of the death of Fr. Leo Chang. May his soul rest in peace.

I have written a short sharing on Fr. Leo Chang as requested by the Kajang-based Herald correspondent. It was not published. I am sharing with you all.

Fr. Leo Chang was faithful to his vocation, church and community.

I knew Fr. Leo when he was transferred to Kajang as the Parish Priest in 1991. He was unconventional; his sermon was inspiring and more so, he taught me what Christian Spirituality is: to discern what is God’s will in everything I do.

He had an eventful life right from his junior seminary years until his ordination in Malaysia, then known as Malaya. This has shaped his outlook of life and his priestly ministry. He had the opportunity to put all his experiences and knowledge into practice when he was in Kajang. In his own words “My tenure in Kajang was my most fulfilling years”.

I was very happy to see him enjoying his retirement years. The young priests, from his immediate successor, Fr. Julian to the present Fr. William and Fr. George Harrison, all cared for him very much and always welcome him to Kajang.

He received good care from many concerned parishioners during his final term battling with pancreatic cancer.

He was a faithful servant of Christ and His Church and Fr Leo died in peace and in love.


张学礼神父对他的圣召 、教会及团体彻底忠诚。






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