Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday 耶稣受难

We attended the Good Friday service commemorating the death of Christ began at 3:00 pm. (the time Jesus likely died)

The Way of the Cross was held outdoor for the first time with people reenacting the suffering of Christ carrying his Cross under the hot afternoon sun.

10 minutes after we entered the church for other parts of the service (veneration of the Cross and Communion), heavy downpour followed. It was almost a yearly weather during Good Friday, hot sun,dark cloud, rain and sun again.

During the General Intercession prayer For all in public office, I offered the intention of the people of the Chapel of St. John in Triang:

Let us pray for those in public office,
that God may guide their minds and hearts,
so that all men may live in true peace and freedom

Almighty and eternal God,
you know the longings of men's hearts,
and you protect their rights,
In your goodness
watch over those in authority,
so that people everywhere may enjoy
religious freedom, security, and peace,
especially the parishioners of the Chapel of St. John.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


今年的苦路是第一次在户外举行, 在热日当空下,以真人重演了耶稣当时受难,背负十字架受刑的情景。

过后,我们进入教堂进行其他阶段的礼仪(亲苦架及领圣体),不到十分钟,倾盆大雨到来。每年的耶稣受难日,天气度大约如此, 烈日 、黑云 、下雨 、烈日。





Ngu said...



NOMS said...

nice to see chinese christian

favor, can u find me a chinese girl? lols kiddning.

just dropping by tnx..

Anthony Lim said...

hihi, this is anthony here, the parishioner in chapel of st. john triang.

hereby, we would like to say a thousand of thank you for ur help especially the prayer lifted up to the Lord.

may the god bless you and all your family. together we pray.

Simon Phun said...

Thanks Anthony,may God hear our prayer.

Jonathan said...

We live in a society that favours voyeurism and spectatorship- "to be a part of an audience" of either a TV program, a reality show or in this case, the death of Christ.

Don't get me wrong, it is not an entirely bad thing to be participative and to a certain degree, this sort of 'interaction' allows the person to experience the emotions and feelings in situ. I just wonder if the Church has bitten more than it can chew by consenting to the common practice of a secular society; of allowing people to only experience something only if it can be seen, touch and sensed. Because these are things that cannot invariably define what 'faith' is.

Maybe HFC can spearhead something which is beginning to pick up in Melbourne?

Simon Phun said...

Just like we have 14 stations in the way of the Cross,there must be also 14 ways to present the way of the Cross for different audience and background of people.

Some have to see in order to believe, some are "blessed" to believe without seeing.

Life enactment to some may be life like, some may say it is distraction or imagination.

I found this year "life show" is interesting partly due to good weather (not very hot), something new, good acting... but found to be distrative. Next year again? annually? not for me.

We have combined annual Easter March (Kajang town)on 18-4-09. Usually attracts good response from churches in Kajang.