Friday, April 10, 2009

The past 过去

Today is Good Friday.

I told my wife not going to office, but to follow Lifebook 2009's teaching: each day do something good to others.

I will do something good to make her happy today by clearing my files and books shelves. She has been bugging me to do so for more than a year.

Checking and sieving through documents and files, mostly are record and minutes of church activities, meetings, functions, courses and formations for the past 20 years or so.

There are the record of my "glorious past". There are meeting minutes, correspondence, plan when I was the president/chairman of Regia, Curia, PPC, PCC. Many meeting files of past grand events that I was involved - Marian Congress, fund raising carnival of the KL Chinese Language Apostolate Commission at the Putra stadium, fund raising dinner for our new church at Wisma PGRM........

Should I keep them for record purposes? for information? for reference?

I decided not.... not to hold on to the past. They have no values. I do not need to go back to the past, I am living in the present. It is more important to be who I am now, not who I was before.

In today's Good Friday service, I will place all these onto the Cross.





这可以说是我过去二十多年来的“光荣史”。资料记载了我 是圣母军区域团团长、区团团长、堂区牧民协调理事会、堂区牧民议会主席时的会议记录,来往书信,计划书等等。还有就是参加或主办过的大型活动,如圣母军讨论大会,吉隆坡总教区华文教务促进会,在武吉加里体育馆举办的嘉年华会,建新教堂于吉隆坡民政大厦举办的大型筹款宴会等。





Pauline said...

I used be like the magpies. Storing all things and thinking that I will use them again "one day". That "one day" can sometimes be 10 years and yet I did not use them. I don't waste either. These days I sort them out and give away to people who will treasure it more than I.

I am happy that you have sort out your papers. At least, I know I have less to dust.

Ngu said...



当我卸任后,"打死" 也不要再当 "记录员"了。

现在来了《爱之光》,仿佛又在做另一种 "记录员",不过这还好,一期做完后,全在电脑里,不必再为收存和整理文件夹和纸张而烦恼了。

Simon Phun said...

要舍得。 我已经把这些送到我家后面“天空焚化炉”了。


Jonathan said...

Haha...Yes,less to dust. But just make sure you don't start accumulating stuff again! Letting go is not a bad thing.

All your "golden times" in office are etched in your memory, and ours too; I remember you leaving for meetings after Sunday mass and coming back in the afternoon in time for forty winks while we get ready for taekwondo classes :)

Anthony said...



Simon Phun said...

To my son Jonathan, hoped my golden times was not your miserable times. If yes, please forgive me. "I know not what I am doing" :D

I have given the best for God, I want my sunset years to be with my family and myself... but my children has grown up and "disowned" me...(joking only). I am devoting more time to things I feel happy doing, even doing nothing (laziness) is my happy thing to do..

The years past are no longer mine, and no longer I hold on to. But mine is today and tomorrow.

Side effects: put up with greetings like: not seeing you for long time (disappearing act?); "happy to see you coming to this ...(event)... "; "why don't see you at..."

They do not know what is "after life is also good life" and there is life after church life.

Frankly, I am as busy as before... of what? You should know if you are following my blog ;D

Simon Phun said...