Sunday, June 7, 2009

Legion Fellowship 圣母军交流会 (5)

It is 1:00 am.

I was just backed from After-fellowship of the Fellowship (pic below). It was a relaxing sessions after a day's activities.



The third day of fellowship started early. At 8:30 am, we were already at the Immaculate Conception of Taipei for Mass which was celebrated by Archbishop Hong and Bishop Wang, and con-celebrated by eleven priests.

After Mass, talks were given by Fr. Pu from Korea but based in Taiwan for the past four years. He shared his experience of building community with the help of legionaries; and his tireless effort to form ten praesidium to change the life of his rural parish.

Archbishop treated us to a sumptious lunch at a nearby famous restaurant. He was the most friendly Archbishop I have ever met. He toasted with all the legionaries by going table by table.
He respects and appreciates the contribution of Legion of Mary in community building and evangelization.

After lunch, we adjourned to the Church of the Holy Family for a talk.

At 6:00pm, we were bused to Taipei 101 for sightseeing.

It was a cool and windy evening. I sat at the entrance of Taipei 101, feeling safer than my country. I did not go up the the observation deck at floor 89, but instead walked around the shopping area.

At 8:00 pm, Ms Lee, the former president of TaiChong Curia which organised the 2004 Legion Fellowship in Taichong, brought two of us to Carnegie's Spirit of Rock restaurant for a delicious dinner.

The day ended with with the After-fellowhship of the Fellowship.









Adeline said...

dad, how come you didn't go to the top of 101? the view would have been quite nice though.

Simon Phun said...

It was at night, you only see lights...lights...cannot see any building or landmark.

Moreover, I spent the time on the supermarket to get some guava, apples and lychee..

we were a bit rush then.

I intend to come back next time...with all of you guys :D