Sunday, June 7, 2009

Legion Fellowship 圣母军交流会 (6)

Taiwan Senatus President handing over the Fellowship flag to Ipoh representative

With a glittering and emotional farewell dinner at the iconic Yuan Shan Hotel, the 17th Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan Annual Fellowship of Chinese Speaking Legionaries ended tonight. The dinner was attended by more than 400 legionaries from 35 units and region, graced by Archbishop and Bishop of Taipei, priests religions and a distinguished High Court Judge.

The Legionaries will meet in Ipoh Perak in 2010 !



Sabah KK legionaries presenting Jongkek Pahang at the dinner 沙巴亚庇军友呈现马来舞


溪水信女 said...

Uncle Simon,
When are you all back ah?? long time no see loh.
i think th eipoh rep, his name is wu jing guang??? unless this is a different person, i think mid-night work like that lah. Lina is going down hill......we pray for her nad family. see you soon.

Simon Phun said...

Yes, my dear sis, this post was done over midnight... too tired...sleep...then morning continued...then posted..

will correct it. Thanks.

I am back today at 2:00pm, hopefully will visit her tomorrow.