Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nelson Mandela Day 国际曼德拉日

Today is Nelson Mandela 92nd birthday and a UN declared International Nelson Mandela Day. Everyone is encouraged to offer 67 minutes for community and charity services. (67 minutes denotes Nelson Mandela 67 years of public service and sacrifices for freedom and humanity ).

When I read his autobiography [ LONG ROAD TO FREEDOM ] about 6 years ago, I wrote my comment :"A story of human courage. Telling an extraordinary life in an ordinary way. Easy reading". He harboured no hatred but reconciliation towards the apartheid regime that imprisoned him for 27 years.

He is a great man, an icon of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.


在2004年,我读了曼德拉自传『自由的长路』后,我写下感想:“ 一个人性勇气的故事。以平常的手法,写出了一个不平常的生活。非常的易读”。他没有对监禁他27年的种族隔离政府怀着怨恨,但却是拥抱和解。



queen_of_bee said...

boleh saya pinjam buku itu?

Simon Phun said...

Boleh...Malaysia mesti Boleh! Personal hantar ke u ka atau u ambil personal ka?

Young people must read more autobiography ... in face of adversity, courage surfaces..macam Mandela, 27 years in prison, what keeps him alive and sane?!

queen_of_bee said...

paiseh. tak payah hantar ke rumah. we will meet on 7th Aug :) can get from you then. set?

Simon Phun said...

Okie...if i can remember!!