Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heavenly justice天网恢恢

I read a political commentary recently. Not so much be attracted by its content but by the ending paragraph.

The opening paragraph:

"Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has rejected the invitation by Anwar Ibrahim for a debate on the so-called 100-day reforms, and this decision indeed comes as no surprise to anyone.

one of the paragraphs:

"In Malaysia, race, religion and monarch are the three handiest tools when one is pressed against the wall."

The ending paragraph:

"Justice has long arms, and heavenly justice has even longer arms. Najib, and all other politicians who claim to believe in God, must remember even a powerful man like Saddam Hussein had to recite Quranic verses when he was being hanged. They must therefore not be deluded that they would go unpunished in the afterlife for whatever evil deed that they are currently plotting."

To my opinion, the Commentator has resigned to the fact that politicians are the ugliest lot, beyond persuasion and moral condemnation. Hopefully, the invocation of the name of God may frighten them.....

In Malaysia, the name of God has been has been called and heard every hour, every day, every corner of the what do you think ?!?!



『首相纳吉已经拒绝了安华的邀请,与他辩论所谓的『百天新政』,而这个决定早已经是预料中的事。 』








Ben O. said...

How good is it if every time when people utter the name of G_d, they think about the 'poor' amongst us: the persecuted, the stigmatized, the marginalised, the excluded, the socially isolated and all of the children, sisters and brothers of the human family that are suffering, and remind themselves how much there is to be done and there is so much that each individual person and community is duty bound to do something about it. Inactions and indifference towards injustice is much like colluding with it.

"Remember, one day you will appear before G_d and you will answer for your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone." said the holy prophet of Islam in his last sermon on Mount Arafat.

Or as Jesus Christ said (Matthew 25:31-46):
"Whatever you did not do to the least of these your sisters and brothers, you did not do to and for me."

Simon Phun said...

good sharing Ben!