Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You are being watched 你被监督着

"Netizens must defend the last space of free speech”

I am one of the millions "lucky" Malaysians to receive Chinese New Year greetings SMS from Prime Minister Najib @ 1Malaysia.com.my. The SMS was sent out through the handphone service providers.

And 1.5 millions more received greetings email from Prime Minister through their personal email addresses. News media reported that many recipients were simply delighted by such personal message. The email was sent out through various database sources.

This initiative highlighted the importance of internet communication in reaching out to people.

Mean while, the government is proposing revision of Printing Press and Publications Act to shackle online media and publication, including blogs , Facebook and Twitter as it has done to the printed media.

The proposal received strong protest from NGOs and netizens. (See Facebook protest group)

The ability to access easily your email and handphone, please be warned, means that The Big Brother is watching you !!! It is not that delightful after all.





这些建议,受到许多非政府组织及网民的极力反对。(请登录面子书抗议网友 )。



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