Friday, June 3, 2011

The Story 故事内容

Esther Yong professed her Final Vow to be a Carmelite nun. She offered her whole life to God and is knowned as Sr. Marie Aimee.

The Carmelites are one of the strictest of Catholic Religious Orders. They are cloistered, enclosed, and as all true nuns spend their days in mostly silence and contemplative prayer for the world. They work growing their own food and doing their own work around their convents. Even in death they do not leave their cloistered enclosure.

Sr. Marie is the only foreigner in the Carmelite Monastery in Shen Keng, Taipei. She is well-loved and lived happily in her cloistered community.

Taipei Archbishop, Most Rev. John Hung is a compassionate shepherd. When Sr. Marie's mother, sister and brother went to Taipei in May 2010 to attend her Final Profession ceremony, they were well looked after by His Grace.

On 1/6/2011, Archbishop Hung put aside his busy work schedule, came to Malaysia for a private visit to the family of Sr. Marie in Sibu, to express his great appreciation and thanks for giving a daughter to the service of God and to the Archdiocese of Taipei.

It was my great pleasure to welcome Archbishop Hung, his secretary Cindy Wei and Sr. Angela Liao (from another religious order) to Kuala Lumpur for a two-day stopover. They will be in Sibu from 3/6 to 6/6/2011.

I have promised Sr. Marie to take care of Archbishop and make sure he has a comfortable stay in Kuala Lumpur. The Sibu leg would be taken care of by her family and friends over there.

My best package for VIP visitors:

1. A tour of Putrajaya.
2. Meeting and dinner with our 2 parish priests.
3. Courtesy call to KL Archbishop Most Rev. Murphy Pakiam.
4. One day KL tour - KL tower, Petronas Twin Towers including a night tour of the city.
5. World famous Kajang Satey.
6. Tea at my humble home.
7. Special highlights: Ascension Feast Day Mass at the Church of the Holy Family.

Story told in pictures below!

杨金燕回应了天主的召叫,在去年的五月发终身永愿,成为一位隐修加尔默罗修女。她把终身交给了天主,并取名为玛丽亚艾弥修女(Sr. Marie Aimee)






我很高兴的在1/6 迎接了总主教,他的秘书魏慈歆姐妹及廖修女(不同修会)的到来,在吉隆坡作两天的短暂停留。


1. 布城(Putrajaya) 景观游。
2. 我的本堂两位神父相见及晚宴。
3. 拜会吉隆坡巴吉安总主教。
4. 吉隆坡一日游 - 吉隆坡塔,国油双子星塔,也包括吉隆坡夜景游。
5. 世界闻名的加影沙爹。
6. 在寒舍共进茶点。
7. 特别活动 - 在加影圣家堂共庆耶稣升天弥撒。


Dinner with parish priests and leaders of the Holy Family Church

Call on Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Murphy Pakiam

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