Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Passing of Auntie Pat 与世长辞

When Auntie Pat got sick, many came to comfort her.

When Auntie Pat died, many came to mourn.

Auntie Pat, 68, a well-loved friend and a teacher respected by all her students, died on 10/7/2011 at about 2:15pm at the University Hospital, Petaling Jaya.

She was diagnosed with lung cancer about 2 years ago. Her strong faith saw her accepting sickness and treatment courageously and lived each day with thanks and joy. She had even made arrangement of her funeral, included selection of hymms, reader and commentator.

She was buried at the Holy Family Cemetery today after funeral Mass at 11:00 am.

She will be remembered as a good and kind teacher, sister, auntie and friends; a dedicated and committed parish leader and a loyal legionary.

安蒂Pat 生病的时候,很多人都会来陪她。

当安蒂Pat 蒙主恩召时,很多人都来悼念。





Legionaries reciting Legion prayer, signifying the her last meeting on earth

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