Monday, August 8, 2011

The Hokkaido self drive experience 5 北海道自驾假期体验

5. Rishiri Island and Wakkanai (with Video)

Wakkanai is a small fishing town at the northern tip of Hokkaido. This is not a foreign tourists attraction, and definitely not for Malaysia guided tour groups.

We wish to cover many corners and places of Hokkaido during our trip. The northern most destination attracted us to be here.

On the fifth day of our trip, we took a ferry (8:15 am) to Rishiri Island, about one and a half hour by ferry.

Upon arrival, we joined a group tour by bus. The guide spoke Japanese only.

Basically, Mt. Rishiri ( Mt Fuji look-a-like) is in the center of this small island. We made a three-hour round island trip ... and able to see Mt. Rishiri from every corner.

The main industries of the island are fishing and sea weeds (kelps).

Later in the evening, we were back at Wakkanai and visited a few tourist spots.

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5. 利尻島及稚内 (有录影)







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