Thursday, October 13, 2011

All in a day's work

I support Nescafe!

There was a tent at a busy junction set up by Nestle to promote Coffee-Mate creamer and Nescafe. A 3-man band was playing oldies .... Oh Carol, Country Road .... I loved it!

I support Bersih 3. We need Bersih 3!

My wife and I are registered voters trying to change my voting constituency from Cheras to Kajang for the past 30 years. The Election Commission (EC)refused to do so for obvious reason. We need Bersih 3 for more thorough cleaning up!

Today, we went personally to EC Head Quarter in Putrajaya to register our change yet again... got to wait for another 5 months (in February 2012) to check whether EC tricks us again. (See old post Bersih 2 The Heroes )

I want to kick the ass of EPF (Employees' Provident Fund).

We went to EPF office also to check our nomination of beneficiary. To our horror, all are not in order. My wife have nominated me as beneficiary and she as mine when we got marriage.... that was what we have done and thought it should have been in that order.

After checking, her parents are her beneficiaries (as nominated before her marriage) and me .... none!!!

I am in awe of the grandness of Wisma Putra - Malaysia Foreign Ministry.

It was my wife's one of the hundred times to Wisma Putra as her former job required ... and my first time today!

We were there for authentication of documents.

The ministry consists of 2 huge buildings built on top of a hill, which can been seen from miles away .... W.P 1 and W.P 2. We were at the Consulate section which is situated at W.P 2.

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Pauline said...

I sincerely advise those who have read this posting to go to the nearest EPF office to check if your nomination of beneficiary is in order. I have in black and white the change of beneficiary and was shocked that they have not updated my first nomination made in 1973. A little inconvenience now will avoid BIG inconvenience in time to come.