Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trips 旅程

Life is ... making many trips to various destinations.

It is about arrival and departure.

It is "arrival" on the day of birth and "departure" on the day of demise. In between, we make hundreds of trips involving arrival and departure, filling up space between the grand "arrival" and "departure".

My recent JB trip is one of the hundreds I made and continue to make before the grand departure, and every trip is a mission and a fulfillment.

Besides attending my god-daughter Irene's wedding, we also made a trip within trip -- an outing with my parents in law and Susan and Tony.

My wife and I, Tony and Susan, always enjoy trips with our parents (in law). These are precious moments we cherish most.

Last Saturday, after Irene's wedding Mass, we had our usual Laksa, BBQ Toufu and Rojak tea break. Tony volunteered to show me the location of the restaurant which the wedding dinner would be held the next day.

From there, we proceeded to Iskandar Special Administrative Zone (Kota Iskandar), the future "Putrajaya" of Johor state and the future site of the LegoLand. We saw grand administrative buildings under construction.

From Kota Iskandar, through many new expressways and byways, we passed Pekan Nanas and arrived at Pontian to visit my mother-in-law's god mother who is 102 years old.

We considered it a blessing to touch and hold hands with a 102-year old lady.

Pekan Nanas and Pontian area used to be world-famous pineapples growing region of the country. Today, I can only see an concrete pineapple erected in the Pekan Nanas town, no pineapples field in sight.

It was a wonderful trip, filled with laughter and excitement. We had a good time and happy to see our parents enjoyed the trip too.

As we are getting older, we always try to be with our aged parents (in-law) whenever possible, to have fun and moments of happiness, to be cherished and remembered ......

生活是 。。。往外到不同目的地的许多旅程。





过后,我们驱车到依斯甘达特别行政区(依斯甘达城)参观。这里是柔佛州未来的“布城”,也是Legoland (Lego 积木)将在此建立的地方。我们见到了宏伟的行政中心,正在建造中。

从依斯甘达城,我们路经好多新的高速公路及小道,经过了北甘拿拿(Pekan Nanas), 抵达笨珍(Pontian),去探访岳母高龄102岁的乾妈。

我们能够和一位102岁人瑞见面,握手,算是一种天主的宠爱,是一种祝福。 老人家身体都很好,只是最近的两年,才开始逐渐的失聪及失忆。现在,只能认识几位常伴的子孙。岳母在她耳边喊出自己的名字,老人会说:"坐。。坐。。。”,并以手示意拍打床垫,叫她坐下。



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