Monday, October 10, 2011

Flashes and floaters 闪光与漂浮物

I was almost not able to make my JB trip.

Last Friday morning, when I was loading things into my van for the JB trip, I noticed bright flashing lights coming from my left side of sky ... as if the sun was flashing.

Then I realised it was from within my left eye!

I moved my eyes to the left, to the right, closed them .... to test out what were the causes ... flashes appeared on the left side of my left eye when I turned to look at left, and more floaters appeared!

I told my wife about the abnormality of my left eye, and we decided to see an ophthalmologist immediately.

My regular ophthalmologist checked my eyes thoroughly with various equipments and procedures. She was patient to explain to me that:

1. The cause is the degenerative of my left eye - drying of gel in the eyeball.
2. Vision OK.
3. Pressure OK.
4. Eyes' nerve is OK.
5. No retina detachment.
6. The condition (drying) would stabilize within a year.
7. The floaters would be there permanently.
8. Flashes would appeared/ disappeared from time to time.
9. I will get use to it as time passes.
10. The same problem would occur to the right eye later.

And it is very important - I must check my left eye myself regular. Should I find dark patch (patches) in my vision field, must see her immediately ... possibility of a retina detachment !

However, I can continue to watch TV, use computer, enjoy beautiful scenery and seeing beautiful ladies .... albeit a slight distorted vision with flashes and floaters, (picture right) .... and go for my trip and travel.

We started our JB journey at almost 5:00 pm (instead of planned 9:00 am).

Praise and thank God for all things happened.

Flashes & floaters -Before and Now 闪光与漂浮物 -以前与现在




我把视线向左望,向右望,闭上眼睛 ,看看是什么原因。这时更多的漂浮物出现在视线里面。



1. 我的状况,是因为左眼的老化而发生的 - 眼球内的晶体乾固所至。
2. 我的视线良好,
3. 眼睛神经线良好。
4. 眼睛压度良好。
5. 没有视网脱落。
6. 这个状况(乾固)在一年内,会稳定下来。
7. 漂浮体是不会消失的。
8. 闪光会时现/时失。
9. 时间久了,会渐渐习惯。






AH BAO said...

take care uncle =)

Simon Phun said...

Thank you Ah Bao, you warmed my heart.

李璦伶 said...

take care & enjoy life!