Sunday, October 9, 2011

I do 我愿意 2

From left: Angela, John & wife Lucia, Irene & Eric, Agnes & husband Michael 左起:凤妃,光辉及惠银, 爱玲及飞龙,美芳及春荣

Irene's wedding dinner was held tonight, one day after the wedding.

It's a family reunion ... meeting up with my other god-daughters and acquaintances...and Facebook friends! (see old posting Happy Marriage)

The dinner was held at Bayview Convention Center, Danga Bay.



这是一个家庭团聚 。。。与其他的乾女儿及旧相识见面。。。还有面子书的朋友!(参阅旧帖子白头偕老

宴会在Danga Bay 的一间餐馆举行。

Added new pics in Facebook 加载照片

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