Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good bye Germany 再见德国

We have a great time in Germany, however, it must come to an end....

We bid goodbye to Dorit and Gerd this morning at Berlin Schoenefeld airport ... and Dorit was tearing .... We tried hard to hold back our tear.

They have been taking care of us like brother and sister ... they looked into every detail to ensure us a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Germany. They mapped out our tour route, drove us around, feeding us, even washed our laundry!

We are also grateful to Mr. & Mrs Paege, who had also spent time with us, going places together and taking care of us too. We enjoyed a fantastic stay at their home in Joachimsthal.
We will cherish all good times that we've been together, remembering places that we have been to, laughter and joy of our journey .... food and fun that we shared ...

With love, good bye Germany and all our friends ...

At about 1:00 pm local time, we landed at Glasgow International Airport, meeting up Mrs Lee. a good friend from Kajang who arrived an hour earlier, to continue a new leg of our holidays in Europe.

After more than 3 hours of car journey, we were back to misty and gloomy Aberdeen. Earlier, we made a brief stop at Perth ... not in Australia but Scotland, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the town.

Mrs Lee and my wife later cooked a sumptuous Chinese dinner for the 2 hungry mouths .. a Chinese Gui Lou and a Scottish Gui Lou!

天下无不散的宴席 。。我们在德国的假期,也告一段落。



我们也很感激Paege 夫妇,他们也是花时间招待我们,与我们一同出游。我们还到他风景如画的家住宿,更是招呼的无微不至。






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