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Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong (1) 九寨沟/黄龙

 It was a wish came true albeit many years later,

The Jiuzhaigou ( 九寨沟 Valley of Nine Tribes) scenic park is a world renowned wonders of nature and top tourist destination.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

My wife and I were planning to visit this place for the past 3-5 years but alas, due to various reasons, it failed to materialize.

With thanks and praises to God the Father, and the intercession of Mary, our Mother, we made the trip successfully from 14-10 to 21-10-2013.

We joined a group tour from Pearl Holidays (M) Travel and Tour Sdn Bhd in Kajang which was led by local tour leader Javin Lim, a hardworking and dedicated young man.

It was a tough journey in which individual physical fitness and the weather are important factors.

I always emphasized that HEALTH is the most important factor in traveling (Makan angin) , NOT money, and this is the classic example journey.

Hold on to your health, not your money. 

For good weather and safety of our group, " O Mary,conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee"  ( Our Lady of Miraculous Medal prayer ) is the most often uttered prayer I said throughout the journey.

We arrived at Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, at about 10:30 pm, and left for Jiuzhaigou by air the next day afternoon.

The boarding of flight to Jiuzhaigou was delayed almost half an hour without reason given.

Then we boarded and was "stuck" in the plane for another half an hour for reason " due to flight control's control .."

I was really worry.

Could it be the bad weather in Jiuzhaigou Airport? Would the flight be cancelled?  At 3500 M above sea level, delay and cancellation is not an uncommon occurrence.

"O Mary, Conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee ... pray for us a safe flight to Jiuzhaigou...."

Suddenly, the plane moved ... without any announcement. Hurray, the flight is on!

We landed at Jiuzhaigou airport without incident at about 4:30 pm.

Despite weather forecast of cloudy and showers, we were met with good weather at all scenic points (cool, no rain with occasionally sunny) throughout the journey. 

Thanks and praises to God through the intercession of Mary. Alleluia !

On Wednesday morning, Oct 16, my wife and I, with my mother-in-law (80), sisters in law Ann, Susan and husband Tony, Kajang friend Wing and Ilona, we set foot on the famous world heritage site,our main target - Jiuzhaigou Scenic Park !

The entrance to the park was a sea of people, with majority of them being local tourists.

Our group paid a little extra (which was included in the tour fee) to charter a private bus for our transportation within the park. This would cut down extra time in waiting for the public buses from point to point, and saved us from being overwhelmed by the rude, abrasive local Chinese tourists.

It was sheer spectacular to see many beautiful lakes, waterfalls, mountains, plants and trees, all in autumn colors.

Due to swamping of crowd, we do not have much time to admire and appreciate the wonders of nature. Nonetheless,  it was a great place of people, sounds and colours that you would never forget the rest of your life.

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我们参加了由加影珍珠假期所组办的一支旅行团,在年轻及尽职的领队Javin Lim 带领下,完成了8天7夜的行程。











我们在14/10 晚上十点半左右抵达四川首都成都,在酒店住宿一夜后,就在隔天下午,乘搭飞机飞往九寨沟。

飞往九寨沟的航班延迟了半个小时后才开始登机。大家在机舱又等了半个小时,飞机还没起飞,有几位当地乘客有点鼓噪。而空务员所给的答案是:“飞行管制中心正在管制中。。” 。。。这不是答案多答案。




突然间,我觉得飞机在移动 。。。没有报告,飞机就要起飞了,好嘢!


尽管天气预测都说阴天,多云及阵雨,但这几天我们所到的景点,天气都良好 - 阴爽,没雨,偶尔太阳冲破云层,照耀着我们。阿肋路亚!

星期三, 16-10-2013 早上,我和太太,岳母,小姨安娜,苏珊及丈夫东尼,还有来自加影的两位朋友,终于踏足时间著名的景点,我们此行的重地 - 九寨沟!








( 录影 Youtube )

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