Friday, October 25, 2013

Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong (2) 九寨沟/黄龙

Before going to Huanglong (黄龙 Yellow Dragon)Scenic Park , another renowned World Heritage Site, I heard many stories about altitude sickness, cancellation of trip due to adverse weather ....

More so if the local Chinese tour guide's frightening tales in order to make few more bucks by selling oxygen canisters and altitude sickness herbal drug.

It might be true only if one was ill-prepared (and careless) and physically unfit.

Huanglong is about 130kms from Jiuzhaigou, a 3-hour journey by bus through winding mountainous roads and would take us to the highest point of about 4300 meters above sea level before descending to Huanglong at about 3300 m.

On Thursday, Oct 17 morning, we left Jiuzhaigou for Huanglong.

En route, we made our first shopping stop at a tea factory. Our tour itinerary has spelt out clearly that  only 4 shopping stops throughout the journey.

We continued our journey after lunch at a small town. As our bus climbed higher, we saw a layer of snow blanketing the mountain tops. We reached Huanglong at noon and spent 3.5 hours in the park.

There are 2 ways to view the park: By cable car and by foot. ( Tour fee did not include cable car ticket)

We opted to walk as far as our feet could go.

My mother in law was walking too slowly (on uphill steps) that holding us back, thus we were only able to make it slightly below halfway mark.

Javin was very patient and caring to help my mother in law. However, we felt uneasy if we were to leave them behind, so slowed down our pace too.

There was a small cabin providing free oxygen to those in need at about 1 km from the entrance. It was run by the park authority and charged RMB 1.00 for the breathing kit only.

My mother in law seemed to hold on well. I bought from the guide a can of oxygen (RMB 50.00) in case she needed it ... however, it rendered useless while oxygen was provided free.

Anyway, I paid RMB 1.00 to have a try and would like to share this news with intended travelers - Free oxygen is being provided at the park!

The travertine landscape and pools are Huanglong's main attraction.

A few tour members made it to the top.

I was glad that our group had completed the journey of Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong safely. (Altitude sickness being the main concern)

For me, I heaved a sigh of relief for myself and mother in law.

I was suffering from insomnia since the first night landed in Chengdu.  Without good rest, I was worried about making it to the Huanglong ....

However, due to my good preparations, one of the measures was taking altitude sickness medicine HongJingTian days before departure, and my prayer in faith, I survived.

My wife, and many other members too had trouble sleeping, also made it through ... Praise the Lord, Alleluia !

The Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong journey reminded me of Daocheng-Ya Ding trip we made about same time last year.

After seeing the swamps of local tourist here, I was very glad that we traveled to Daocheng-Ya Ding Scenic Park last year before the invasion of them in great number expected with the opening of  Daocheng Airport last month. It is the highest airport in the world.

We enjoyed the serenity, peacefulness and beauty of Daocheng-Ya Ding Scenic Park (click to see) more than Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong (although each has it own uniqueness).

In less than 3 years, the crowd condition in Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong would be worsen ... so see it before local tourists choke you out !

(During the recent China national day holidays, few thousands local tourists were trapped inside Jiuzhaigou for more than 11 hours due to bad transport management and unruly crowd.)

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岳母因为步行缓慢,我们也放缓脚步陪同。Javin 虽然愿意照顾她,但我们也不好意思把他们丢下而自行观赏,就在视线范围内,观赏拍照。我们只能够到达半途之下而已。

途中有一个“氧吧”,是园区管理局设立,为那些需要的旅客提供免费氧气。 我们虽然不需要,但为了试试,付了人民币一元,购买一套吸氧管子,也趁机休息一会。这个氧吧离开入口大约一公里,敬请以后要去黄龙的朋友,注意这设备。









我们至今还回忆着稻城-亚丁景区 的安详,清幽,美丽及浪漫的风景,这是九寨沟/黄龙所不能给予的。(虽然两个景区各有不同风姿,但人潮及污染是主要的因素)






Agnes C said...

西满兄弟,看了你的游记照片,我算也游了九塞沟。那种道路,山高,不是我能顶得的。在澳洲我去Wave of the Edge,四五小时的平路车程我呕吐得五脏六腑都出来了。我看过那九塞沟弯弯曲曲的道路,怎敢去呢!谢谢你的录影,还有丰富的食物。所以说你们是有福的。

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