Wednesday, October 30, 2013

World's tallest Buddha statue 世界最高佛像

China is a vast country.

A quarter of our traveling time was on board a bus, therefore safety was utmost important.

Our driver for the first leg of the tour -  Jiuzhaigou and Huang Long, was skillful but reckless. He liked honking very much and impatient, reckless in overtaking.

Our Malaysian leader Javin has warned him 3 times not to drive so fast and be more careful. Apparently it fell into deaf ears. 

After our 7-hour trip back to Chengdu from Jiuzhaigou, twice near accident situation, Javin and all tour members unanimously decided to change the driver. Through Javin, the message was conveyed to the company and it obliged.

I admired and appreciated our young leader's firm and professional way of handling the "changing driver" situation. It was "customers' safety first".

After returning from Jiuzhaigou, our next leg of tour was to visit an ancient town, the Le Shan ( Le Mountain) Buddha, the tallest ancient carved Buddha in the world, and a thousand years old temple.

After the high altitude Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong, we were more relaxed in the lowland, sometimes indulged a little of beer drinking and Yum Seng (drinking cheers).

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从九寨沟/黄龙的七个小时的旅途中,两次几乎发生意外。所以,在回到成都之后,马来西亚的领导Javin 及全体团员,一致决定换司机。这个要求,传达了到旅游公司,他们也答应我们所请。





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