Friday, November 1, 2013

Visit and feast 探访及吃喝

Today the Catholic Church celebrated All Saints' Day, honouring all saints, known and unknown.

My wife and I attended 7:00 am Mass, feeling proud of our Catholic roots and tradition.

At about 11:00 am, we left for Port Dickson with Agnes our housemaid for a "Lawat & Makan" trip. (Visiting & Feasting trip)

This is Agnes first trip to Port Dickson, a seaside resort town about 75 kms from Kajang.

Our first destination was my nephew Andrew's office.

Andrew set up his business at Port Dickson about 2 years ago and I had promised to pay him a visit then.

He was happy to see us and brought us for lunch at a nearby coffee shop.

The food was excellent.

Expressing our thanks and appreciation to Andrew, we left after lunch for a drive along the coastal road.

We stopped at Thistle Hotel, formerly Guaman Resort Hotel, in which we stayed before. Apparently, it has changed ownership.

We also stopped by the Champagnat Youth Center which was owned by the Marist Brother. I found a new block has been built and old block has been renovated. I attended a few formation programmes here before.

Leaving Port Dickson, we arrived at Lukut to visit old friend Ah Hui and wife Ah Lian.

Again, we were greeted warmly ...

We had dinner together before leaving for home at about 8:00 pm.

It was a great day!

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十一点,我和太太及家佣人Agnes, 到波德申做一天的『探访及吃喝』之旅。

这是Agnes 第一次来到波德申,一个海边旅游胜地,离开加影大约75公里。


Andrew (安德鲁)在两年前,在波德申创立了生意,那时我就许诺会去探访他。




我们来到了Thistle 酒店,以前名为Guoman Resort Hotel, 我们曾在此住宿过。看来这里的主人已经更换了。






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