Sunday, November 3, 2013

Phunnies 嘻哈乐乐者

 My Sirname PHUN means another word for "fun" but it implies more fun -- like extra fun !

Tonight my wife and I were invited by Kian Ling and Lynn sisters to a dinner celebrating her mother Swee Lan's birthday. 

Just 3 tables, 24 of us, mostly old friends and Swee Lan's Yoga classmates. 

It was fun-filled, with laughter and good food. 

How old is she ? Does it matters?

We are all Phunnies !!!!

(See pictures on Facebook) 

我的姓PHUN (潘),在英语的意思是乐趣,但却又比乐趣更乐趣,也就是更多乐乐的意思!





我们都是嘻哈乐乐者 (Phunnies)! 

(更多照片 Facebook)  

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