Friday, March 28, 2014

Another goodbye 再次的说再见

Goodbye means seeing you again next time.

This morning at about 7:30am,  we bid farewell to Gerd and friends at the airport. It seemed like yesterday when we welcomed them at the same airport more than 3 weeks ago.

Dorit, Claudia and Pauline were trying hard to hold back their tears.

After the sending off, Uli the season traveler followed us home. She is embarking yet another journey to Cambodia with another German friend in a week's time. (See Uli's Travel Pictorial Blog)

Meanwhile, she is enjoying a the few days break at our home ....

Uli: My god, am I supposed to eat with the heads(fried fishes)?

Uli followed us to pay respect to my departed parents for "Qing Ming" festival
Uli 跟随我们到父母的骨灰塔作清明




送别过后,来自德国自己行的Uli, 则跟随我们回家。她将在一个星期后,回合另一位德国朋友,到柬埔寨游玩。(可观看Uli 旅游照片部落格)


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