Saturday, March 8, 2014

German friends 德国朋友到访

After saying goodbye 18 months ago in Berlin, Gerd and Dorit said Hello to us again in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) yesterday, March 7.

With them were daughter Claudia and 10 more German friends who were visiting Malaysia for the first time.

Gerd and Dorit are indeed the Goodwill Ambassador. They loved Malaysia, and are frequent visitors to this country. They are happy to share their good experiences with their compatriots by inviting them to visit this country. 

Not only bringing goodwill to Malaysia, Gerd and Dorit brought to us many German foodstuff that we liked - Cheese, Sausages, Salomi, Leberwurst, freshly baked bread ....

Other visitors also brought gifts for us - Chocolates, bread and many more (see pictures). Thank you all very much.

They will stay a few days in KL, then to Cameron Hightland, Penang, Langkawi Island, Tioman Island... and leave home after 3 weeks of stay.

Have a good time friends, and enjoy the good food, good weather and Malaysian hospitality.

From other German visitors
From Gerd and Dorit
My breakfast 我的早餐 (Pic added on 9/3/14)


昨天(7/3), 德国老朋友Gerd及Dorit 夫妇,来到了吉隆坡国际机场,与我们热情的说“Hello”。


Gerd 与Dorit确实是马来西亚的德国亲善大使。他们不止喜欢马来西亚,常常来马来西亚,他们还愿意与自己的同胞分享在这里的喜乐经验,邀请他们过来体验一番。

他们不止带来了德国的友谊,还特地带来了我们喜欢的德国食品 - 芝士,德国香肠,鹅肝酱,新鲜的德国面包等。

其他的德国朋友也送给我们礼物 - 巧格力,面包等。谢谢你们。


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