Thursday, August 28, 2014

An outing to Cairngorms Mountain 康拱山区户外游

On 25/8/2014, my wife and I had an outing to the Cairngorms mountain area to visit Highland Wildlife Park and surrounding attractions.

We drove through Cairngorms National Park territory which offered spectacular view of the park.

The journey from Aberdeen to wildlife park took about 3 hours which covered about 160 kms of mostly winding but good and safe country roads.

The Highland Wildlife Park which is management by Royal Zoological Society of UK is a sprawling natural reserve divided into walk-around animal open enclosure and drive around close range animal watching zone.
It charged £11 per senior citizen. The main attraction of the park are Polar Bears, Japanese Snow Monkeys, Amur Tigers, Brown Panda and many more. 
We put up a night at a guest house in Aviemore, a beautiful and quite small town.

There are many beautiful lakes (loch) which offer good walking paths and picnic spots.

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25/8/2014, 我和太太到苏格兰康拱山区的野生动物园及邻近地区游玩。







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