Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bullers of Buchan 海之涯洞

Today we went to Bullers of Buchan (Bark-ken), about an hour's car journey from Aberdeen.

It is a collapsed sea cave near a village named Buchan.

A short walk of 10 minutes from car-park will reach the cliff. ( We walked about an hour to see similar rock formation in Hokkaido - Click here to see Hokkaido 2)

The view is great (see pictures)

Later we ventured to a sand dune area at Newburgh, a small town near Bachan, for seal watching.

It is out of the season, so no seal but enjoying the unique view of sand dunes and lake.

(More pictures in Facebook)

今天我们到一个名为 Buchan (读音“巴更”)的小地方,观赏独有的天然景观。它离开阿伯丁大约一个小时的车程


我们只需从停车场步行10分钟就到了目的地。(比起北海道同样的自然景观,我们需步行一个小时才看得到 - 参阅北海道2




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