Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tenom 丹南



We left Kota kinabalu for Tenom early in the morning.

Tenom is an interior town 150 Kms away from Kota Kinabalu by road. It is famous for its coffee.

The first thing we did in Tenom was a visit to Yit Foh Coffee factory. We loved the coffee very much and it was our desire to visit its factory personally.

We met the boss of the company, a second generation of the Chong family who produced the first Tenom coffee.

He was friendly and brought out some special brewed coffee for us to sample.

On Sunday morning, we went to Tenom Market to have famous Yong Toufu, spring rolls for breakfast.

And it was a Sunday, local residents all around Tenom brought out their produces to sell at the open market place. It is called Tamu in local language.

Before we left for KK, we stopped by a famous restaurant for its steamed corn-fed chicken. However we were disappointed by the way it was being served . We were shocked to see the chicken covered with black oyster sauce ...

The waitress did not inform us of such serving. As a first timer, we just ate it as it was. We washed away the sauce with the soup provided, the meat was quite tender, but the taste was not much to talk about ... it was overrated.

It was the first time I saw freshly steamed chicken served in this way (covered with black oyster sauce). Is it a corn-fed chicken? or left over chicken? or conned chicken? No way to know when it was covered in black sauce.

I asked the waitress later of how many ways the chicken is served. She told me it is either with or without oyster sauce. She did not tell us when taking order and her choice for us was dubious. 

We were disappointed such an incident happened in a small town where we met so many honest, simple and friendly folks.

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