Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friendship 友谊

Friendship forged in flood water, distance and time.

Tiew Kheng (top with wife) was a mechanic (used to call him Foreman) whom I got to know through his other brothers. He is the eldest of five brothers.

When he got married to his wife who is from Jawi, Penang 30 years ago, I was the driver who drove him all the way from KL to Jawi to bring back his bride with my trusted Peugeot 504.

Those day a road trip from KL to Penang took 6 to 7 hrs in normal traffic condition. (No express way). The bride was up at 5 am on the wedding day for the ceremony. She was fully dressed in bridal gowns, not drinking any water so that no toilet stop, for the tedious home journey.

Near Kampar, flood water slowed down the traffic. The bridal car was stuck in the jam for about an hour. I admired the endurance of the bride who "survived" the almost 8 hours journey without going to toilet.

Ah Hui is the younger brother of Foreman. At his daughter Pei Pei's wedding on 23-10-2010 , we met up with other 2 old friends, Ah Hai and Alan Ang.

10 years ago, I was having a drink with Alan at a Mamak cafe near Ah Hai's shop. Alan received a call from his wife Caryn that she is in labour and needed him home immediately. They were expecting their first child.

Since then, Alan was busing flying overseas for business (Vietnam, Cambodia, Maldives, Indonesia and New Zealand) and hardly have the opportunity to meet up except catching up a few times through phone.

Finally, we met up at Pei Pei's wedding dinner. "Die die must come for old friend" as Alan said.

We are scattered at four corners of the country (Port Dickson, Kajang, Sri Petaling, Cheras and Kepong) but our friendship endured time and distance.


朝勤是位汽车修理员,我们都称呼他“ Foreman”(最上端照片,和太太)。我是透过他的弟弟认识他的。他是五位兄弟的大哥。

三十年前结婚时,我当他的司机,驾着那时我可靠的标致Peugeot 504 到远在槟城爪夷的新娘迎娶回来。

当年从吉隆坡到槟城,没有高速公路,在普通的交通路况下,也得花上6 到7 个小时。当天新娘一早在五点钟就起床,做好准备开始出嫁的典礼了。过后新娘穿着新娘礼服,全副武装的开始了漫长的回程。新娘一早就不敢多喝水,以免半途要上厕所。


阿辉Ah Hui 是Foreman 的弟弟。23-10-2010 他女儿的结婚宴会上,我们和其他两位老朋友Ah Hai 及Alan 见面了。

十年前的某一天,我和Alan 在靠近Ah Hai 五金店附近的瑪玛档喝着茶的时候,他接到了太太的来电,告诉他即将要生产了,要他马上来载她去医院。他们正等待着第一个孩子的到来。

过后,Alan 一直为工作忙,整天为了业务,常常到国外去,如越南,柬埔寨,马尔代夫,印尼,纽西兰等地。我们只有几次的电话联络,没有机会见面。

我们终于在阿辉女儿佩佩的婚宴上见面了。正如 Alan 说的,无论怎样的忙,为了老朋友,一定要来!

我们各散东西 - 波德申,加影,大城堡,蕉赖和甲洞,但我们的友谊,却能在距离及时空中,继续的保持坚固。

They were buddy sharing room in their bachelor days

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