Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trigger finger 扳机指


Met a lady friend few days ago at a hypermarket.

Noticed her right hand on a sling with right palm bandaged.

She told me has just undergone a surgery on her middle finger two weeks ago for Trigger Finger. The palm was swollen with a blue-black middle finger.

The surgery was done in a government hospital. She was still in pain, and was advised not to wet the affected area for at least a month.

I told her about my wife's Trigger Finger story and minimum invasive procedure. But it was already too late.... however, her 2 left hand fingers are also suffering from the same condition.

I told her to contact me if situation worsen that she needs to go for surgery.  (if she trusts my words)

I brought up this subject again for the benefit my blog visitors .... if you or someone you know are suffering from Trigger Finger, read and be advised ....

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我把这课题再次的拿出来,是为了到访我部落格的朋友。假如你或有认识任何人有这病状,请详细阅读我的部落格帖子, 而能够得益。


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